Mad Apple Cider Company
Traditional cider made in Somerset
Mad Apple Cider is made from some of the finest traditional cider apples to be found in Somerset. Proprietor Ian Cunneen prides himself on being able to say that Mad Apple is 100% natural, with nothing added and nothing taken away.
The mighty homemade Mad Apple Cider press works on a 20 ton jack and produces 22 gallons per pressing......not to be sniffed at!
While some apples are collected by hand via shaking trees and knocking hard to reach ones from their resting place with a long stick, others are successfully harvested using the wonderful Tuthill-Temperley which is rented from Orchard Live. It easily scoops up fallen apples from the ground and deposits them into baskets.
If you fancy a tipple of Mad Apple head to The Blue Ball at Triscombe, Somerset  where you will be warmly welcomed. While there you could also enjoy great food at their 'multi award winning restaurant.'

The first orchard Mad Apple Cider acquired for use is at Holford, and belongs to Moorhouse Farm where a superb family run, dog friendly campsite can be found nestling in the Quantock Hills. 
The legendary Mr Giddins!